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Karen Axelrod is the author of Watch It Made in the USA, and is on this episode of MYOB to launch her new show, “How It’s Made” on the UR Business Network. Karen & her husband authored Watch It Made in the USA after touring hundreds of US production facilities, from the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington to the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee..

“How It’s Made” on the UR Business Network will focus on inspiration & innovation in manufacturing. Karen will delve into the nuances of business and manufacturing from global manufacturing to personal craftsmanship, ingenuity and the workers that fuel the economy. Karen has used her knowledge of America’s manufacturing as a contributor for various media outlets such as Good Morning America, The Travel Channel, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal to name a few.


Business Maximizer, Chris Yonker is on MYOB with Rick Brutti and Marshall Sterman

Chris Yonker of Chris Yonker Consulting is on the entrepreneurs guild with Thom Stimpel and Tom Fleury

Chris Yonker is a business maximizer, helping entrepreneurs improve their level of success and master what they are doing to live a life of less stress while still pursuing their dreams. Entrepreneurs are the perfect people to work with, because their greatest tool is yourself. 

One of the problems Chris sees, is that sometimes people forget that they are human beings. In order to over come this Chris gets deep with people and connects with the on an emotional level. He prefers works company executives and a few athletes. 

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Juan Carlos Morales of Fabrika Studio is on MYOB with Rick Brutti and Sy Yules

juan carlosOn this episode of MYOB, Rick Brutti and Sy Yules welcome Juan Carlos Morales, a advertising and design expert. Juan is the principal at Fabrika Studio, which is a multi-disciplinary creative studio specializing in branding and design. In a nutshell: they tell stories. 

Juan has a passion for helping people find their brand voice and use it. He particularly enjoys working with small businesses so he can see first hand the impact of his work. It's all about helping people figure out what their story is and how it can be told with limited means. People often get caught up in being too creative, describing their brand using words that no one actually knows the meaning of. It is more important to use words that portray a meaningful and concise message that the average person can connect to. Language is very important when it comes to voicing your brand. Talk the way others talk and simplify your packaging, says Juan. 

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Ron Bruder Of Education For Employment Is On MYOB – C3-Summit With Ransel Potter, Rick Brutti, and Nathan Roman

Ron BruderRon Bruder is the founder of Education For Employment. They create public-private partnerships in the Middle East to train youth to be skilled in sought after jobs. The purpose is to give their youth the opportunities we have in the US. In the Middle East, college grads still face a higher unemployment rate compared to college grads here.

Ron is from Brooklyn, NY and as a serial entrepreneur, having started up pharmaceuticals, real estate, along with oil and gas companies. His current venture-Education For Employment- is set and able to do something as great as this with the experience needed to help others get to where they’re supposed to be.

The terrorist attacks on 9/11 was the impetus for Education For Employment. He wanted to address areas as to why this happened. He decided to help get populations in the Middle East the opportunities that are afforded here. He felt if they had opportunities to create lives for themselves it would alleviate some of the tension built up over there. He had push back, with critics warning that helping people in the Middle East get jobs will give he would be empowering them to hate the U.S. Ron didn’t believe that.  If they have jobs and a future, they’ll have hope and a better chance to fulfill their potential.

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Aramis Jordan, of French Fry Heaven is on MYOB with Rick Brutti and Michael E. Brady

Aramis Jordan on MYOBWe have a delicious treat for the listeners of MYOB with Aramis Jordan from French Fry Heaven. Aramis is a serial entrepreneur and franchisor. French Fry Heaven is his latest endeavor. 

French Fry Heaven is a new franchise concept that started out of Jacksonville Florida by a college president. He used to take many trips to Europe and he would see French fry stands all over the place. He decided to take the idea to America. He first tested the idea out at festivals around the nation and began to get a lot of traction. And really what's not to love. French Fry Heaven sell regular fries and sweet potato fries with a variety of toppings. Customers can have their choice of cheese, ranch, garlic parmesan, cinnamon sugar, mayo, and much much more. The choices and combinations are endless. Regular fries can taste like a loaded baked potato and sweet potato fries can taste like funnel cake! 

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Ethan Chazin of The Chazin Group discusses Online Strategy with Rick Brutti and Lindsay Poole on Chazin the Dream

Ethan Chazin - Host of Chazin The Dream Radio show and PodcastOn this episode of Chazin the Dream, Ethan Chazin of the Chazin Group talks with us about the Online Strategy, from why it is important to have one to how to execute it most successfully. In today's world you must have an online presence to stay competitive. You must have a strategy that you execute, don't just guess!

When coming up with your online strategy it is important to remember that your on and off line strategies must compliment each other. It's not necessarily about how much you post but more about the quality of the posts. Have your goals in mind when creating your online strategy. How you measure the successfulness of your strategy depends on your goals, which will be different for everyone. 

Take control of your online branding:

  1. Start with by targeting your top customers– you should already know who your top customers are 
  2. Decide who else you want to target
  3. Find out where they are online– do they spend their time on twitter or pinterst? How do they think and where do they frequent?

Nick Microulis Of Strategic Health Ventures Is On MYOB – C3-Summit With Ransel Potter, Rick Brutti, and Nathan Roman

Nicholas MircroulisNick Microulis has a Wall Street trading and investment background. He is not someone you would naturally associate with healthcare, but he sees an opportunity for big things to occur. Because the current system is unsustainable, change is inevitable.  Innovation will be its savior. For effective progress there needs to be innovation that reduces cost, democratizes information, and empowers patients.

Change has to come from the bottom up. Today’s day and age there is a greater opportunity for us on the ground to change. The “right itself” approach to fixing the healthcare industry is not enough, people will need to be aggressive. Because transparency will drive this, innovation is imperative; from getting your results directly to your phone or openness in pricing to even a Yelp style of reviews of providers, the power will go into the patients’ hands bringing about change.  

At the C3-Summit, Nick will be on a panel discussing diagnostics and devices. It is his interest because he sees an opportunity in the area, but admits there is a challenge. For diagnostics and devices, there is a shortage of funding because it’s not sexy. It requires prototypes, clinical trials, hard science, and funding needs and early stage are falling in a VC dead zone. It is during the second round of investments that these companies are not finding much help. The bigger VCs are not finding a value to invest in these companies. This is where he’s focusing, seeing a lot of opportunity.

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Cory Schneider, co-founder and Vice President of Gizmogul is on MYOB with Rick Brutti and Sy Yules

gizmogulCory Schneider is a co-founder and Vice President of Gizmogul. Gizmogul purchases iPhones, Android Phone, and tablets from consumers and resells them to retailers in the USA. A small portion of the phones are resold to international markets. Gizmogul will soon be launching a consumer retail web portal, but today, you can call and purchase a device over the phone.

Cory emphasized that any phone, working or broken, has some value. It can be for the precious metals or for its originally intended function. Either you can get some money for your phone. Most transactions are completed in five business days. He also wanted us to know that all data is wiped from the phone. As background, the company has its foundation in the recycling industry. The company has grown organically without any venture capital. They insure that any lithium batteries are properly recycled. Gizmogul, one of the nation’s leading mobile device and electronic recycling companies.

In his role at Gizmogul, Cory is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the recycling company and managing the corporate office. Cory has a Bachelor’s degree in business and communication from Arizona State University. He currently resides in Boston and is always seeking new ideas to grow his business into a household name.

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Ryan Thomas, President of Timlin Enterprises, is on MYOB

timlinWe are very lucky today to welcome Ryan Thomas, the president of Timlin Enterprises, to MYOB. Timlin Enterprises is an IT consulting company that deals primarily with large corporations, specifically with pharmaceuticals. They are a locally based company and they specialize in a technology called Sharepoint, which is designed for Microsoft. 

Sharepoint started as a technology for larger businesses. Now however, the technology is being sold in the cloud, which allows it to be more available to small businesses. Another great things about Sharepoint is it can be used with most all office products, like Word and Excel. In addition the software can work on mobile devices, which as we have seen is a growing trend. That being said there are still some differences between using the technology on a computer and using it on a tablet, for example. It is also becoming easier to create specific mobile pages.

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Jeff B. Street is on MYOB introducing his new show What’s Brewing on the UR Business Network

beerToday Rick Brutti welcomed the newest host to the UR Business Network, Jeff Street who will be the host of What’s Brewing. The show will highlight the craft beer industry. Jeff, a craft beer lover, is finishing up college at Endicott and works at Bogies Beer and Wine in Beverly, MA as an events manager will be analyzing the trends in the industry. The craft beer industry is taking off and Jeff says can truly be measured in our store where the domestic beers such as Budweiser have been moved to the back shelves to accommodate the hottest sellers in craft beer.

Craft beer has come along way from just IPA’s, they now include craft spirits and craft ciders. Some of the largest local brewers are Sierra Nevada, Harpoon, Jack’s Abby, Mystic and and Wachusett. All of the brews are different with different alcohol content and styles. Lately there have been a number of bars and restaurants popping up in the Boston and Cambridge areas with an extensive list of craft beers. 

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